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In a highly competitive market place, businesses are constantly seeking ways to cut cost while improving quality and productivity. Our objective is to link local businesses with our vast source of personnel and resources to streamline their work performances and objectively cut their overall operational costs. Through BPO servicing the day-to-day administration costs, businesses have been able to cut their overhead cost by as much as 50%.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Lower labor costs up to 50%
  • Get access to specialized skills
  • Gives you the ability to work on your business not in your business
  • Increased efficiency
  • Free up resources
  • Facilitate more business
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase your profits
  • Give your business a competitive edge
  • Access to higher educated employees for half the cost

Why the Philippines?

  • Philippines is the third largest English speaking country
  • All College & Universities are taught in the English language
  • All legal documents and contracts and executed in the English language
  • Filipinos are Americanized because they understand Westerners mindset
  • Filipinos have very strong work ethics
  • Strategic location that allows 24 hours work compliment with US and UK
  • Various government incentives to attract & protect corporations/businesses
  • Availability of quality software firms
  • Availability of well educated computer savvy workforce
  • Relatively cheaper labor in comparison to other nations

The benefits of the Philippines

The benefits that Philippines offers as an Outsourcing destination far outweigh any drawbacks making the Philippines a great destination for a business process outsourcing operation. One area where the Philippines is considered best at for business process outsourcing is the customer service industry. Call center outsourcing services in Philippines can be a major plus to the country and will help provide much needed quality employment opportunities. The call center outsourcing Philippine services industry also has a huge potential to grow because of the various facilities that the government is ready to offer.

The major competitors of the Philippines in the offshore outsourcing industry come in the form of India and China. Both these countries have better infrastructure and other facilities as compared to Philippines depending on the location and that is why it is important to know where a BPO company is located.

If you want a great info of the overall stats on outsourcing to the Philippines, check out the Wikipedia article: Wikipedia

Business Process for Outsourcing

The Philippines is considered as location of choice due to its less expensive operational and labor costs, as well as having an English-speaking workforce, the result of English being one of two official languages, the other is Tagalog, and is one the major subjects in all educational levels. In 2013, The Philippines remains a top BPO destination for the estimated $150-billion business process outsourcing industry.

“The Philippines is ranked #1 in the availability of knowledge-based jobs and workers worldwide.”

Top 10 Outsourcing Mistakes

  1. Mismanagement or lack of willingness to manage.
  2. Choosing the wrong location.
  3. Lack of proper outsourcing needs analysis.
  4. Lack of knowledge on outsourcing.
  5. Inadequate compensation.
  6. Inability to recognize the outsourcing sites culture.
  7. Lack of proper structure and communication.
  8. Inability to adapt to a virtual work environment.
  9. Under utilizing outsourcing talent.
  10. Outsourcing your understanding.

These are the reasons why you need our services and expertise because we not only understand how these mistakes are made, but more importantly how these costly mistakes can be avoided!