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First of all you need to start by understanding that your company can be more profitable and more efficient than it currently is at the moment. Second, understand that any employee that does not have a point of contact with the customer can be outsourced offshore to the Philippines. Fortune 500 companies have been outsourcing offshore for years.

Acknowledge the Possibilities

Next, take a good look at your organizational structure. Determine what the costs are for your employees such as: Benefits, Taxes, Salaries, Workers Comp, etc. Figure out how many employees you have and where the money is going.

Now recognize your long-term employees such as your management positions, the critically skilled specialty positions, and the positions and staff who have vital knowledge on the company and its services and/ or products. These people are the blood line of an organization and you should do your best to keep them.

After that, distinguish the employees in your company that have to do actual physical work such as the staff that need to interact with customers face to face, employees who take care of actual objects like files and other things around the office.

So who is left? Employees on the phone making inbound/ outbound calls, employees working on computers and other menial work.

Now figure out what costs are involved for those employees and simply cut it in half. This is what you can be saving from moving those positions offshore to the Philippines.

Bottom line that you can either cut labor costs by up to 50% or you can hire twice as many employees.


The 10 Step Process on How it Works

Step 1 – Identify your goals
Our outsourcing consultants will help you design a logical approach to outsourcing offshore to the Philippines. Will work with you to help you identify your long-term potential goals, to develop an idea of what will and will not work for you and to help you develop a strategy for your business. With that in mind you can decide where to start and we will be able to get a clear picture of what your needs will be. The next step will be to determine how much you will be saving off of your current labor costs.

Step 2 – Determine how much you will be saving
Our outsourcing consultants will help you analyze how much you will be saving for each employee or departments that can be outsourced offshore. Once you’ve realized how much money you will be saving your next step will be making a commitment.

Step 3 – Make the commitment on getting started
To start the hiring process we will need a commitment by signing our service agreement and by providing us with the first months deposit and upfront processing fees. The next step will be to set up the infrastructure and to start the hiring process.
NOTE: Before the infrastructure and the hiring process can begin, we must have a signed service agreement and the first months deposit and upfront processing fees paid in full.

Step 4 – Setting up the infrastructure
The time frame on setting up the infrastructure and hiring the agents will be determined on the amount of agents being hired, job description and equipments needed.

Step 5 – The hiring process
To start the hiring process you will need to give us a detailed job description for the duties & expectations of each agent (s). Keep in mind that all agents can be multi-tasked to do more than one task. For example you can have an agent make telemarketing calls, do database management, customer service, appointment setting, etc.
e-LEVERAGE will place the job posting, pre-screen all of potential applicants, handle all testing and do the background checks.
Option 1: We review the resumes, we conduct the interview and we decide who to hire
Option 2: You review the resumes, you conduct the interview and you do decide who to hire
Option 3: We review the resumes and do the initial interview, you do the second interview and you decide who to hire.

Step 6 – We provide the basic training
e-LEVERAGE specialists will provide you with all the training you need to connect effectively with your supplied agent on both the technology and the human side of things. Well make you comfortable with the technology and show you how easy it is to work closely with someone far away. And, we will provide you with training regarding what to expect in working with your new agent and with e-LEVERAGE. Some companies will have to provide additional training depending on the job description of the agent (s) for specific product and service training.

Step 7 – What we provide
An e-LEVERAGE agent comes with our basic package. They have a comfortable place to work, a good quality computer with basic software such as Microsoft Word ; Excel, telephone ; headset, desk/ chair, office supplies and so on. You generally don’t need to do anything to get an agent ready to work.
* With an upgraded package we have more capabilities such as: predictive dialers, CRM, Call barge, recording, etc.

Step 8 – Managing the agents
Keep in mind that these agents are working for you, but through our company which means you have full control of each agent. You dictate the job responsibilities and their work hours. After that you will both communicate as often as needed. It is crucial that you communicate clearly to your agent on the specific ways you want the work to be done. It is crucial to take the time with every agent for management, training and oversight needs. Remember, communication is the key to a successful work environment!
Step 9 – Getting support
But even in management you will not be alone. e-LEVERAGE provides a direct supervisor and manager to every agent. Their first goal is to deal with all of the agents general oversight and support needs so you don’t have to. Their second goal is to help support your goals and satisfaction as a manager. They will sit in on meetings and phone calls. You’ll know them well and talk to them often.
Step 10 – Count on ongoing support and control
We never step away. As an e-LEVERAGE client you’ll have ongoing access to a selection of people concerned with your satisfaction with your agents work.  Aside from supervisors and managers, you’ll get routine calls from your customer satisfaction representative. If you think it’s time for additional agent, or to replace an assigned agent, they’ll make sure that it gets taken care of immediately.